Hi, I’m Brian

I presently lead the “build” side of the business at Voxie, a B2B SaaS company that specializes in conversational automation, helping brands talk to their customers.

More generally speaking I’m an entrepreneur, software engineer, bootstrapper, and lean business geek.

I’ve been into tech since an early age, when I began hacking Perl scripts on my parent’s 486 that I’d recently converted to Linux.  I went on to business school majoring in CIS and then cut my teeth moving through several jobs from junior developer to global software project manager.  In each position there was something that didn’t quite fit, and I felt compelled to move onward and upward.

I landed at an interactive development shop and thought I’d finally found the right fit, the work was inspiring, the people were fun and everyone had a great time.  Then I had an unexpected opportunity to become a partner in an e-commerce startup.  I took the job and was pulled into a world of high stakes, fast pace business and technology, where my work helped thousands of people each day and there was seemingly no limit to opportunities for success.  I was hooked.

After only a year of growing the startup, building an impressive platform of software and automation, I had an opportunity to risk it all and strike out on my own.  I exited the startup, which was later acquired, and began my journey into entrepreneurship by starting a custom software development company.

Initially funded by our first project’s deposit, I grew the development company over the next 5 years.

Initially funded by our first project’s deposit, I grew the development company over the next 5 years.  We were privileged to work with some amazing clients including celebrities, startups, the US Government and General Electric. I cultivated a remote team of high caliber engineers, and became known for the level of software quality and business insight we brought to each project.

In 2013 business was the best it’d ever been, we were growing at an increase of 25% in annual revenue, the team was strong and continued to grow and our clients were happy with the work. That year in an unexpected twist, I was presented with the opportunity to join a multi-million dollar, debt free SaaS company as their Chief Technology Officer.  The chance to work on products over consulting was intriguing, and the value I could provide to the business and their customers would be several orders of magnitude larger than my current reach.  So I made the tough decision to shutdown my successful software development company in pursuit of success in the enterprise software space.

Since then I’ve held several roles in executive leadership with consistent success in streamlining and optimizing people and processes in technology. Over the course of this journey I’ve certainly stretched and learned a lot.  Everyday I strive to learn new skills to help in building, marketing, and growing software, business and people.  I’ve found that one of the best ways to aide that learning process is to write it down, and help teach others.

That’s why this blog exists.

I hope that you find the posts insightful and that they help you become a better freelancer, consultant, executive or entrepreneur.